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  • Thank you so much for my detail birth analysis & remedies

    Nageshewaram, Kochi

  • Good analysis and stone suggestion by you.

    R. Mangalam, Chennai

  • Thanks for giving us Kundali Milan for my Son. We have gone further discussion after receiving your Kundali analysis for both bride and groom.

    R.J. Agarwal, New Delhi


Palmistry, also known as Chirology, is a marvellous edifice today. It borrows its stones from the anceint civilisations of all lands. Your palm is your personality. Very few people realise that they are carrying around a full-scape map of their character and potentialiteis. Besides being a fascinating study, palmistry can help in vocational guidance, health and psychological diagnosis, pertnership compatibility, etc.

The art and science of hand - reading originated in India. The ancient monuments of India take us back to the prehistoric period of the Aryan civilization. Among the Hindu sages who propagated this art include Garga, Gautama, Bharadwaja, Agastya, Bhrigu, Atri and Kashyapa. It is mentioned in the Puranas that the divine sage, Narada, practised this art. Maharshi Valmiki is reported to have written a book entitled " The Teachings of Valmiki Maharshi on Male Palmistry, comprising 567 stanzas, about 4,000 to 5,000 years ago.

From India, the art of hand - reading spread to China, Tibet, Egypt, Persia and to other countries in Europe. Palmistry came to China about 3,000 years before the birth of Christ. It progressed well in Greece where Anaxagoras practised it.

According to Hindu philosophy, a person takes birth according to his / her past actions (karmas). As Human beings differ in shape, features, constitution, etc., so do the lines on the hands so that the redges on the thumb and papillary lines on the fingers and the thumb do not agree with those on any other thumb and fingers even from amongest 100 carores of people!

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  • The Types  of Hands

    PALMISTS have gevin different versions of the types of hands. Cheiro has mentioned seven types of hands, Madame Saint Germain nine and M.M. Gaffar two.
    There is also a simple classification:
    Crude hands : thick, hard and irregular belong to a manual worker. 
    Large hands (with long fingers) : This type of  such hands is fond of details. He is irritable by temperament.
    Broad hands(square type): This type of hand shows commonsense, broad-mindedness, activity and a practical and businesslike attitude.
    Small hands : The possessor of such hands is contented but likes to plan and to manage more than he can exicute.
    Large and narrow hands : The person with such hands is more imaginative and idealist than practical. If hands are long and thin, the person is selfish.
    Lately, some palmists have classified the hand accordance with four homours.
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