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Welcome to the Advanced Tarot Mastery course, where you will embark on a profound journey into the depths of tarot and enhance your skills in the art of divination. Over seven intensive days, you will explore advanced topics that will elevate your tarot reading abilities and deepen your spiritual awareness.

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Session: Introduction to Tarot Spells

  • Explore the connection between tarot and spellwork.
  • Understand how tarot cards can be used in magical rituals and intention setting.
  • Learn the basics of crafting and casting tarot spells.

Session: Classic Tarot Spreads

  • Discover various traditional tarot spreads and their specific uses.
  • Explore the Celtic Cross, Three-Card Spread, and more.


Session: Customizing Spreads for Specific Questions

  • Learn how to design custom tarot spreads to address unique inquiries and situations.

Session: Understanding Karma in Tarot

  • Explore the concept of karma and its significance in tarot readings.
  • Discuss how past actions and energies influence the present and future.


Session: Identifying and Addressing Past Karma in Readings

  • Learn techniques to recognize past karma in tarot spreads.
  • Discover methods to provide guidance and healing related to past karmic issues.

Session: Recognizing Negative Energies in Readings

  • Understand how to identify negative or disruptive energies during tarot readings.
  • Explore the impact of negative influences on readings and clients.


Session: Shielding and Cleansing Techniques

  • Learn practical methods to protect yourself from negative energies.
  • Discover cleansing rituals to maintain a positive and safe tarot practice.

Session: Sensing and Navigating Energy in Readings

  • Develop the ability to perceive and work with the energy of individuals during readings.
  • Understand how to interpret and respond to energetic cues from clients.


Session: Establishing Boundaries and Ethical Considerations

  • Explore ethical considerations when dealing with clients' personal energy.
  • Learn how to set and maintain healthy boundaries in your tarot practice.

Session: Strengthening Your Intuitive Abilities

  • Engage in exercises and practices to enhance your intuition.
  • Understand the importance of intuition in tarot reading.


Session: Combining Intuition with Tarot Interpretation

  • Discover how to seamlessly integrate intuition into your tarot readings.
  • Practice intuitive tarot reading techniques.

Session: Tarot-Based Remedies and Rituals

  • Learn about tarot-based remedies for common life challenges.
  • Explore rituals and practices to enhance your tarot work.

Session: Course Recap and Future Practices

  • Review key lessons from the course.
  • Discuss how to continue your advanced tarot journey and apply what you've learned.

By the end of the Advanced Tarot Mastery course, you will have gained advanced knowledge and practical skills in tarot reading, spellwork, energy management, karma identification, and much more. This course will empower you to offer profound insights, guidance, and remedies through your tarot practice. Get ready to take your tarot mastery to the next level!

Certificate of completion award after successful completion of course.

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