When Will You Have a Girlfriend or a Boyfriend – An Astrological Viewpoint

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Love is one of the most enigmatic feelings and does not have boundaries of country, age, religion, caste etc. It can happen at any stage of life and is one of the most beautiful things to happen with anybody. Though it is desired by almost everyone but few are to get it at the right age and at the right time. There is always an inquisitiveness to know as when the entry of a love partner will happen in life. And, mostly people turn to astrology for that. These days it has become more prevalent and easily accessible also due to availability of online astrology services.

I had the opportunity to work with one such website providing online astrological services in Delhi and found that most of the callers are in the age bracket of 22 to 35 years. I don’t have the exact data but if I summarize based on my experience that 70% of the calls are related to love affairs.

The most common questions asked are “When will love enter my life” or “Does that person love me or think about me” or “When will my ex come back to me”.

Astrology is a science based on the calculations done on celestial objects using the date, time and place of birth and applying other various methods prescribed by the sages. Even if the birth details are not available, there is another technique called “Prashna Shashtra” can be applied to get the results. Under “Prashna Shashtra”, chart is prepared based on the time of arrival of the native to astrologer.

Tarot Cards Readings is another technique employed to get the results like Prashna Shashtra. This technique was evolved in Greece but now has made inroads in almost every part of the world.

Astrology services in delhi

Whatever happens in our life is a karmic pattern going on for so many births. We reap what we sow and that is the basic tenet of astrology. We are here on this planet to get rid of our karma and keep on taking births after births till this karmic pattern breaks. While doing our karma, we meet people, get help or help them in one form or another is a continuous cycle. It is a kind of debt we repay and take on new ones in the consequences.

Similarly, someone entering in our life as a love partner and we experience joy or sorrow is a part of our past karma only. Whether we will have such an experience or not is also a part of our karmic journey. In that sense, if the incoming partner makes our life beautiful that means we had a nice and harmonious union in the past birth and it is continuing in the current birth as well. In the same way, if it is a painful experience that means it was painful in the past as well. Many cases we see, one person is totally committed to the other but the same is not reciprocated back. Why is it so? Ever thought about it? The reason is simple – the committed person is repaying his past debt. It may have been a role reversal in the past and now replayed and will keep on doing so till it is completely exhausted.

Astrology will indicate whether the event will happen or not. Love affairs are the department of planet Venus and 5th lord. The placement of Venus, 5th lord and its interaction with the lagna lord and 7th lord will give the fair idea whether the native will have a love life or not. Also, whether this love affair will last long or end up in agony. All these parameters can be pinpointed. The dasha and transit are the important factors to fix the timing.

Every zodiac sign has some inherent traits which are reflected in their love relations also. Here are some of the pointers for your consumption:

Astrology services in delhi

  • Every zodiac sign has the ingredient of romance but in varying degree’s. Like signs owned by Saturn such as Capricorn and Aquarius are romantic too but give more importance to work. They like being practical and keep romance at a distance. In the same way, signs owned by Moon/Venus such as Cancer/Taurus and Libra have more impulses for romantic endeavors. Signs owned by Mars such as Aries and Scorpio are also romantic but have some level of reservation upfront and may never take a lead to make the first move. Signs owned by Mercury such as Gemini and Virgo are friendlier and always out to impress others. Jupiter signs such as Sagittarius and Pisces are more caring and responsible.

  • Taurus and Cancer apart from being owned by Venus and Moon are watery signs also. That makes these two signs more bold and expressive in terms of love. People with these signs generally take the lead in proposing their love interest. They will apply only romantic gestures to impress their love interest and will avoid taking any coercive steps if not reciprocated. Venus has another sign Libra and has an air element. Librans are also romantic but very balanced in their approach. If they see some benefit in the relationship then will take steps to propose. In the same sense, if someone else proposes them but they see no benefit then will not reciprocate.

  • Mars owns signs Aries and Scorpio. Aries has a fiery element and Scorpio has a water element. As owned by Mars, both the signs are aggressive and commanding but their way of expression is different. Aries is openly bold and aggressive but Scorpio is secretive and deceptive. For example, if the love interest is already involved with someone, Aries can attempt to disrupt but Scorpion will do so secretly and deceptively.

  • Leo persons are romantic too but with a tinge of royalty and ego. They will never try to woo their partner but will do so indirectly. They rely more on their prestige and dominance.

  • Jupiter owns signs Sagittarius and Pisces. Sagittarius is a fiery sign but more to conform to traditions. They are bold and will take the first step to impress or propose but when matters come to marriage they will adhere to family traditions and acceptance. On the other hand, Pisces are watery signs and will be more forthcoming in love matters. They will do everything to achieve their love goals but will be ready for any sacrifice also.

  • Signs owned by Mercury such as Gemini and Virgo are easy going and go getters. They get mixed up with situations and adjust as per the time. Not only in love but in any matter, Mercurians have difficulty taking any stand. They go as per the advice given by near and dear or close friends. They may overstep at one moment but will not hesitate to step back as well.

  • Signs owned by Saturn such as Capricorn and Aquarius are serious by nature and take a practical view of the situations. Such persons have a more workaholic type and do not give much importance to love affairs. However, they are loyal and believe in long term relationships.

What if one does not find a Love Partner despite several attempts and prolonged longing?

  • Though it is desirable to have a love partner, it is not important or mandatory. We must understand to love ourselves first than others.

  • God always has plans for every creature on this earth. So, don’t be impatient but focus on other beautiful things around you.

  • Never compare yourself with others involved in love affairs. You have your own journey and they have their own.

  • Give more impetus to improving your capabilities. If you are successful enough and earn a good amount of money, many other things including love will follow.

Om Tat Sat




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