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This Angel Healing course is designed to help students connect with the energy of angels and learn how to use their guidance and healing powers for personal growth and well-being. Participants will explore various aspects of angelic communication, healing techniques, and spiritual development over the course of 30 days.

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  • Welcome and Orientation
  •  Understanding Angels: Types and Hierarchy
  •  Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides
  •  Connecting with Your Guardian Angel
  •  Angelic Signs and Symbols


  •  Opening Your Intuition
  •  Meditation for Angelic Connection
  •  Dream Interpretation and Angels
  •  Journaling with Angels
  •  Oracle Cards and Angelic Messages


    • Angelic Reiki: Introduction and Basics
    •  Hands-On Healing with Angels
    •  Emotional Healing with Archangels
    •  Distance Healing with Angels
    •  Self-Healing Techniques
  • Career and Life Purpose Guidance
  •  Relationships and Love with Angels
  •  Healing Your Inner Child with Angels
  •  Angelic Protection and Clearing
  •  Creating an Angelic Ritual


  • Angelic Affirmations and Manifestation
  •  Spiritual Growth and Ascension
  •  Living in Alignment with Angels
  •  Angelic Guidance for Others
  •  Graduation and Closing Ceremony


  • Advanced Angelic Topics (Choose from topics like angelic numerology, working with specific archangels, angelic crystals, etc.)

Certificate of completion award after successful completion of course.

₹ 7500/-

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This course includes: