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Prepare to embark on an extraordinary 45-day adventure as we delve into the captivating realm of numerology! In “Unlock Your Life’s Code: The Enchanting World of Numerology,” we’ll uncover the ancient wisdom hidden within numbers and their mesmerizing influence on your life. This Basic Numerology course isn’t just educational; it’s a mystical journey that will transform the way you perceive the world around you.

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  • Course overview: Expectations and Excitement
  • Numerology's Intriguing Origins
  • Mysteries that Numbers Hold
  • Unveiling the Power of Single-Digit Numbers
  • Vibrations That Shape Your Life
  • Hands-On: Calculate Your Life Path Number
  • Cracking the Code of Compound Numbers
  • Master Numbers (11, 22, 33): The Wizards of Basic Numerology Course
  • Exploring the Cosmic Energy of Compound Numbers
  • Journeying Through the Past, Present, and Future
  • Unveiling Your Personal Cycles
  • Case Studies: Witness Numerology's Time-Bending Power
  • Unraveling Karmic Lessons and Their Impact
  • Embracing Healing and Growth Through Numerological Insight
  • Karmic Number Identification: A Path to Transformation
  • Major and Minor Numbers: Your Cosmic Playbook
  • Personal Numerical Assessments and In-Depth Discussions
  • Numerology as Your Cosmic Compass
  • Discovering Your Life's Purpose and True Calling
  • Aligning Your Life's Path with Your Destiny Number
  • Exercises for Crystal-Clear Life Purpose
  • Awaken Your Natural Talents and Gifts
  • Lucky Colors, Days, and Years
  • Crafting Your Personal Luck with Numerology
  • The Healing Power of Numerology
  • Numerology's Insights into Your Well-Being
  • Career and Profession Choices Aligned with Your Numerological Blueprint
  • Matters of the Heart: BAsic Numerology Course in Relationships
  • Personality Traits Unveiled through Numerology
  • Relationships Redefined with Numerological Wisdom
  • The Ultimate Goal of Your Life's Journey
  • Crafting Numerology Grids for Divine Guidance
  • Crafting Your Personal Grid of Manifestation
  • Engage in Numerology Research and Analysis
  • Present Your Numerological Discoveries
  • Peer Review, Feedback, and Refinement
  • Receive Your Certificate of Numerological Mastery
  • Reflect on the Transformational Journey
  • Celebrate Your Graduation in Style!
  • Certificate of completion award after successful completion of course
  • Engaging, live, one-hour weekly classes via video conferencing
  • Mentorship and guidance from seasoned numerology experts
  • Join us on this enchanting odyssey as we decode the secrets of numbers, casting a spell of fascination and enlightenment over your life. Enroll today and experience the mystical allure of numerology!

Certificate of completion award after successful completion of course.

Basic Numerology Course

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