Will Astrology Help in Selection of Subjects?

Will Astrology Help in Right Career Path Through Subject Selection?

What is education? Is just learning the alphabets, grammar, reading and writing constitutes it? There are various ways to look at it. Education is primarily of two types. One is our value system where we learn value’s from our parents, family etc. and second is the one taken through formal systems like school and colleges.

India has been a land of knowledge and education was imported to transfer the knowledge of veda’s. It was so advanced that when Europe was in the dark ages, Indians were exploring the universe. The teachings were given in vernacular language. The system of teaching was highly advanced and elaborate and without any discrimination. The pupils were selected and promoted according to their vocation and interest. Nalanda University was world famous and a center of knowledge across the world. However, all started deteriorating with the foreign invasions. Muslims invaders almost destroyed every center of knowledge systematically. Later on Britishers changed it completely with the introduction of a new education policy where the medium of instruction was English. Their intention was purely to create a workforce to do clerical jobs and they succeeded in that as well. That system is prevalent till today.

With the onset of democratic system, education has taken a center place and every successive government does its bit to educate its subjects. However, with it another problem has emerged. With a more educated population, less people are inclined to look for white collar job or work. Today, parents are highly stressed for their children and in the consequences passing on the same stress to their kids. Today the yardstick of success is money. More weightage is given to earning money, so much so at the cost of even education.

Every single parent in this country wants their child to get the best of education and then earn hoards of money. The irony is most of them are confused and in sheer desperation, end up pushing them down to the cycle of frustration for the whole life. This desperation and lack of knowledge, coupled with government policies has given rise to numerous educational institutions imparting sub average education. With the recent survey, it has been found that almost 80% of Indian engineers are unemployable. The education should complement the inherent talent of the child. Every child is born with certain qualities and traits and those are visible in astrology charts.

With the advent of information technology, the world has shrunk and appropriately be called as Global Village. Every day, something new is coming up and making the existing redundant. In this fast paced changing environment, with more technological sophistication, we all are getting more and more dependent on machines. Our memory is shrinking and machine memory is expanding exponentially. In hindsight, the human race is gradually becoming slave by its own inventions. Today, innovativeness is the hallmark of survival. Every other day, a new idea is taking shape.

In this highly competitive and every changing environment, astrology guidance can be a blessing in disguise. With the help of Vedic Astrology, the inclination and promises are clearly defined and known. With proper astrological career counseling, one can structure and plan and align the expectations from life. In reality, frustrations emanate from unfulfilled expectations only. Astrological chart or Kundli is erected based on the Date, Time and Place of Birth. The more accurate the timing, the more accurate the prediction shall be. There are 9 planets including Rahu and Ketu and 27 nakshatra’s and twelve houses. Based on the date, time and place of birth, a chart is erected by the astrologer. There are 16 more supporting charts, depicting 16 dimensions of life.

Every house on the chart indicates a particular aspect of life and our body and is owned by a particular planet. In astrology, Jupiter and Mercury are the natural educationist and giver of education. Their position in the horoscope will give the glimpse of education of the native. If they are ill placed or hemmed between malefics, the education of the native is bound to suffer. The basic rules to delineate the education potential are;

  1. Check the position of Jupiter and Mercury in D1 as well as in D9. If they are well disposed of, the chances of getting a good education are improved.

  2. The houses to study the education potential are second house, fourth house and fifth house. The second house will indicate primary education, fourth house about education till matriculation and fifth house will indicate higher education. The fifth is more important as it indicates education of choice.

  3. Study the divisional chart. Chaturvimsamsa i.e. D24 is all important for education. Check the position of lord of 5th house, 5th Lord. Also, study it as an independent chart as well.

  4. Find out the Yoga’s. Yoga adds luster to education. Check if any good yoga is present. Some of the prominent yoga are – Budhatiya Yoga, Shankha Yoga, Saraswati Yoga, Budh Yoga.

  5. Combination of Venus and Jupiter in any house promises good education.

  6. Combination of Mars and Jupiter also in any house gives good education to the native.

  7. Dasha of 5th lord or 10th lord at the time of 10th exam will give the right shape to the career.

  8. 5 or more planets from 7th house to 12th house or 10th house to 3rd house will give inclination towards self- employment.

  9. Position of natural karaka, Saturn. If Saturn is debilitated, related to 6th, 8th or 12th house or lord and hemmed between malefic then it is a sure sign of a job.

  10. Atmakaraka planet also indicates the profession. 

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Professions indicated by planets are:

Sun – Politics, Mathematician, Govt. Job, profession related to physics, jewelers, financers, theatre owners, managers etc.

Moon – Fine Arts, Music, Para Medical Science, Chemistry, Marines, Vegetation, travelling, sailors, liquor dealers, laundry owners, gardners, housekeepers, dairy owners, confectioners and bakers, waiters, eatery places, fishermen, fish farmers etc.

Mars-Defence services, firemen, police, surgeons, barbers, dentist, locksmiths, butchers, and druggists etc.

Mercury – Commerce field, journalist, documents keepers, accountants, teaching, writers, architects, telephone operators etc.

Jupiter – Counselors, lawyers, lecturers, writers, astrologers, temple trustees, travel agents, priets, philosophers, grocers etc.

Venus – Music composers, artists, professions related to cinematography, dancers, singers, teachers, hotel industry, photography, hair stylists to name a few.

Saturn – Architects, cemetery excavators, building contractors, and professions related to laborers, leather industry, philosophers etc.

Rahu – Aerospace, pilots, professions related to radio and TV, electricity department, drugs, air hostesses, management experts, event managers etc

Ketu – Spies, occultist, foreign language, engineers, working in spiritual space.

Signs also indicate profession as per its characteristics. If 5 or more planets in moveable, fixed or dual signs they tend to show the characteristics of that particular sign.

Profession indicated by the signs is as below:

Moveable Sign – They are happy travelers and keep on changing places very often. They are intellectually open and take life in a very positive manner. However, they are also fickle minded, indecisive and not trustworthy. They generally have credibility issues and people don’t trust them easily. They struggle in creating any fixed asset.

Fixed Sign – They tend to look for stable positions or workplaces. Such persons are liked by rulers, trustworthy and tend to stay at one place for a long period. Due to stability, they acquire properties and create wealth for themselves.

Dual Sign – They are intellectuals, clever and liked by friends and family. They like professions either moveable or fixed depending upon the degree’s of the planets.

Tatva also influences the profession of the planets. If 5 or more planets fall in one tatva then characteristics of that tatva will be visible in the profession.

Agni Tatva

Surgeons, steel industries, automobile industries, Railways, trade union activities etc.

Bhu Tatva

Bhu tatva denotes administrative skill, property dealing, agriculture, furniture, food, mining, earth moving machinery, construction, civil services, study of soil etc.

Vayu Tatva

Philosophers, writers, scientists, advisors, lecturers, lawyers and astrologers come under this tatva.

Jal Tatva

Work related to water, dairy business, any work related to liquids, marine, digging, fishing etc.

An expert astrologer will consider all above factors and go into every detail before advising the profession. Once the profession inclination is established, it is easy to advise the education line to the native. It takes time and effort to come to a conclusion. It is also a luck of the native to seek and advise at the right time and it’s more than a luck to approach a good astrologer these days.

Parents shall approach the astrologer when their child is in 10th standard so that proper guidance is given to choose the subjects. We often see that many times a person works in a field not studied by him or her. With the time they gain the experience and then grow but lose the precious time. Astrology is a guidance tool and can help in shaping the perspective. It is not to be taken as a fortune changing tool. It is a great science and developed over thousands of years by the sheer hard work of our rishis.

Om Tat Sat

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