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Crystal Healing course is designed to introduce students to the principles and practices of crystals healing. Participants will learn how to select, cleanse, program, and use crystals for various purposes, including healing, energy balancing, and personal growth.

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Introduction to Crystal Healing

  • Course overview, objectives, and expectations
  • History and origins of crystals healing
  • Scientific basis (or lack thereof) of crystals healing

Types of Crystals

  • Identification of common healing crystals
  • Understanding crystal properties and classifications
  • How to choose the right crystals

Cleansing and Charging Crystals

  • Methods for cleansing and purifying crystals
  • Charging and programming crystals with intentions

Crystal Care and Maintenance

  • Proper storage and handling of crystals
  • Common mistakes to avoid

Grounding and Centering

  • Techniques for grounding and balancing energy
  • Using crystals for grounding

Chakras and Energy Centers

  • Introduction to chakras
  • Corresponding crystals for each chakra

Crystal Layouts and Grids

  • Creating crystal grids
  • How to perform a basic crystal layout

Meditation and Visualization

  • Using crystals to enhance meditation
  • Visualization exercises with crystals

Crystal Elixirs and Essences

  • Making crystal elixirs
  • Safety precautions and guidelines

Practical Applications

  • Case studies of crystals healing
  • Setting intentions for personal growth

Crystal Pendulums

  • How to use a crystal pendulum for divination and healing

Crystal Wands

  • Creating and using crystal wands for energy work

Crystal Reiki

  • Introduction to Crystal Reiki and its techniques

Crystal Healings and Emotions

  • Addressing emotional and psychological issues with crystals

Crystal Grids for Healing Others

  • Techniques for performing crystal healings on others

Ethics and Responsibility

  • Ethical considerations in crystals healing Course
  • Responsibilities towards clients and self

Crystals Healing and Modern Medicine

  • Integrating crystals healing with conventional healthcare

Crystal Healings Business

  • Starting a crystal healings practice
  • Marketing and legal considerations
  • Hands-on practice sessions
  • Case studies and assessments
  • Final projects
  • Certification and closing ceremony


  • Required textbooks and resources
  • Assorted healing crystals
  • Crystal elixir making supplies

Certificate of completion award after successful completion of course.

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