Meaning of Major Arcana in tarot

Meaning of Major Arcana Tarot


The image shows a man sitting on a high chair authoritatively, crown on the head, wearing red color cloak and green color shoulder top. Right hand is holding a sword and the left hand has a balance. The right feet is slight ahead and visible. On the backdrop, there is a red color curtain and two pillars on the sides. Red color is prominent in this card, however, Black, Yellow and green color are also there. The number of this card is “XI”. Red color prominence shows aggression, dynamism. Sitting posture shows authority. Sword in one hand and balance in other shows there he has power to do justice. One feet ahead shows initiative, boldness. The native shall suggest not to be over confident, however, answer shall be Yes.

The Hanged Man

 The image shows a man hanged upside down from a tree. Left leg is bent under the right. He is bearing red color on the legs but the top is green. The hands are folded behind the back. Though upside down, the face is very calm. There is a divine chakra behind the head. The color combination is of Red, Green, Yellow and Black. The number of this card is “XII”.Upside down means surrender. 


The image shows a Skeleton type person wearing all black attire riding a white horse and holding a black flag in one hand.  The flag has the impression of a rising Sun. There is destruction, gloominess on all sides. The color combination is Black, Yellow and White. The number of this card is “XIII”.Black color prominence means pessimism, unfavorable. Rising Sun means hope. Death means change, transformation. Number “XIII” has energies of Sun i..e. “1” and Mercury “III” making Rahu “IV”.


 The image shows a man in white robe holding two cups and changing water from one cup to another with closed eyes. The man has red coloured wings and a sign of a triangle on the chest. There is a divine chakra behind the head. One foot is under water while the other one is on the ground. In the backdrop, there is a beautiful rising Sun. It has mountains and flowers as well. There is a calm water body in the front. The color combination is White, Yellow and Red. The number of this card is “XIV”. It is a positive card but with a small impression of negativity due to emotional imbalance.

 The Devil

 The image shows a Devil having horns and sitting on a throne with raised hands. On the front, a naked man and woman are chained to his throne and standing apart. The Devil has wings and a star on the head. There is a lizard and fire. The color combinations are all Black and the number of this card is “XV”. The black color all around is about negativity. Chained naked man and woman means sexual deprivation. Lizard indicates greed, fire indicates burning desires.  The star on the head indicates the wisdom of right and wrong. The Devil itself indicates all negative attributes like addition, ego, greed, lust, vengeance etc. This card is all negative and answer to all questions shall be “No”.

The Tower

The image shows a burning tower and residents are falling down. One of the resident has crown over the head. The top of the tower has blasted and there is lightening all around. Black color is prominent in this card, however, Yellow color is also present. The number of this card is “XVI”. It is a negative card. Black color attracts bad luck. If this card comes then the answer shall be “No” to any question. This card indicates all unfavorable, unwanted things. Native shall be advised to keep patience, develop acceptance and trust in almighty. The sum total of “XVI” is 7 which is Ketu, so, native shall be advised to start meditation.

 The Star

The image shows a well-built naked man, bending over near a water body with one foot in the water and other one on the ground, holding mugs in both hands and releasing water down. There is one big yellow star and some white stars around. Ground around the lake is fertile where tiny flowers are growing and far behind a tree, on the top of which a bird is resting. Image of the mountain is visible in the backdrop. The color combination is Yellow, Blue and White and the number of this card is “XVII”. It is a positive card and answer shall be “Yes” to a question. These people are emotional, open minded and of giving nature.

 The Moon

The image shows a depressed Moon combined with the Sun. A broken bridge whose towers have no connection. The water under this broken bridge is turbulent. A jackal and a dog are looking up to the Moon and barking. Next to this pair of jackals and dog, a scorpion is coming out of water which is intended to pass between these two. The water is calm from where the scorpion is coming. The color combination of this card is Yellow, Blue and the number is “XVIII”. The Sun and Moon combination gives rise to an eclipse which is considered negative. Broken bridge in the middle of turbulent water means broken communication and hostility. Barking of jackal and dog indicates partners. Presence of a scorpion means the interference of a poisonous person. With all indications, it is a negative card. Eclipse is not considered good. The shape of the moon is not perfect and it is depressing. It shows serious communication differences between two partners, aggravated by a third person with dubious motives. The sum total of “XVIII” is 9 which means native is very social. If the questions are about an ill person then this card will indicate death due to an eclipse. Scorpion will then indicate wrong medication. They shall also be advised to identify hidden enemies. They shall be asked to increase the presence of green in their life.

The Sun 

The image shows a naked boy riding a horse independently with open arms. A bright big Sun and flowers are in the backdrop. A large red linen are flying above. The color combination is Yellow, Red and Orange and the number of this card is “XIX”. Naked boy with open arms and riding a horse indicates that the person has achieved or will achieve something big at a very young age. The bright Sun in the backdrop indicates royalty, respect. Flowers indicate success and red linen flying above means popularity. The sum total of “XIX” is 1 which is also Sun. It is a positive card and answer shall be “Yes”. However, the native may have habit of bragging which is not good. In all conditions, it is a good and positive card but excessive demonstration or bragging may bring the downfall.

The native shall be advised to restrict bragging and shall be counselled on the divine principle of life where every act is controlled by almighty.


The image shows an Angel playing the clarinet in the sky. On the ground, there is a group of people consisting male, female and kids who are enjoying this music. The noteworthy thing is that they are naked and rising up from the coffins. In the backdrop, there are white colored mountains. The big sign of the Red Cross is also visible near the Angel. The color combination of this card is Red, Green and White and the number is “XX”. Angel is the sign of benevolence, blessings. Angel playing the clarinet means divine blessings, good time. People rising up from the coffins means rebirth. The sign of the Red Cross indicates medical exigency. The sum total of “XX” is 2, which is the Moon. It is a positive card. The answer shall be conditional “Yes’ ‘ as there is PitriDosha. We have to ask for forgiveness from our ancestors. This card is of reincarnation. Reincarnation does not mean rebirth after death. It means the end of one activity and then restart of another one. The Red Cross sign implies that there is a medical emergency in the family or with near and dear ones which will be handled well due to the presence of Angels. Even if there is death due to advanced age then also the result is good. People with number “2” impressions are generally calm. They don’t hurry and respond slowly.

The worlds

The image shows a naked woman wrapped in a piece of cloth with one leg straight and other one folded, holding wands in both hands. This image of this woman is enclosed in a wrath.  There are signs of infinity on the top and bottom of the wrath. On all four corners, Vulture, Human, Taurus, Leo signs are visible in clouds. The color combination is Blue, Yellow, White and Red and the number of this card is “XXI”. Nakedness shows openness. One leg straight and other crossed means a cross road has reached in life but The World Card also shows that with the right choices, one can achieve the desired results. Wrath symbolizes respect, success, achievement, fulfillment and satisfaction.

Images of Vulture, Human, Taurus and Leo symbolizes various qualities to achieve great in life. Clouds are in good shape symbolizing positive thoughts. It is a positive Card and answer shall be “Yes”. The world is the last card of the major arcana and it is the card of fulfillment if there lessons learnt have been properly applied. The world represents success through your hard work. The world is about commitments and how we fulfill them. In general, The World represents trust. Trust is the foremost foundation in human relationships and trust worthiness is a highly esteemed commodity the world. The card teaches us about limitations and responsibilities and therefore calls our attention towards those things in our life that limit us or to which we have duties.

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