The Suits of Swords

Ace of swords. 70% of cards are negative. Basically these are the cards of confusion, tension, stress, insomnia, instability etc.

This Picture shows Ace of swordsElement Air

Direction North West

Season –  Autumn

Time Period Few months

Ace of Swords:

The image shows a giant hand appearing in the sky in the midst of clouds holding a sword which has a crown on the top. The number of this card 1. It represents a thought. Sword cards are related to negativity. The crown shows victory. Due to the air element and being a sword, the native is swinging between negative and positive thoughts. it shall be advised to keep aside the negative thoughts and move forward with confidence and positivity to achieve the desired result. This card generally comes in the queries related to immigration. They shall be advised to go ahead.

 II of Swords;

This Picture Shows Two Of Swords

 Two of swords. It is a 50:50 card, neither positive nor negative. The image shows a blindfolded woman wearing white dress, sitting on a bench, holding two swords in crossed position. In the backdrop, there is an image of the sea with some islands and a half moon in the sky. Two swords in crossed position represent indecisions. What shall be done?  Which way to go? There is a conflict in mind and heart.. In this situation one should keep an eye on the circumstances and analyze the situation and then work toward resolving that. This card indicates a major changes in the life if one starts acting.

III of Swords;

This Picture Shows Three Swords

Three of Swords. The image shows a dark red heart stabbed by three swords. In the background, there are raining clouds. No other picture is there. It is a negative card. It shows heart related ailments, heart breaking news etc. Clouds represent thoughts so it can be related to emotion breakdown also. The native will face some unpleasant circumstances or news. The resolution of the query shall be negative. It also indicates surgeries, abortions etc.

IV of Swords;

 Four of Swords. The image shows a man lying down on a cot in a room. There are three swords hung on the wall and one below his cot. The inside of the room is very dull, however, outside is colorful which is visible through a window.

The current time is stressful. He may have insomnia also.. It is not a negative card but the native has enveloped himself with negative thoughts which shall be dispelled with kind words and counseling. Please advise the native to seek solace in good company and spirituality. The current time is a little stressful but good time is ahead. The colorful scene outside the window promises that.

V of Swords;

 Five of Swords. The image prominently shows a man holding two swords together in one hand and another swords with another hand. The man is wearing ragged clothes and is bare foot. Two more swords are lying on the ground. This man is facing the back of two other men who are apparently leaving him alone. One of the men is apparently sobbing near the watery source. In the sky, the clouds are scattered and disturbed. It is a negative card. This card indicates separation, isolation, abuse, quarrels etc. The native shall be advised for self-improvement and developments. He shall be advised to identify this negative trait and work on it. He shall work on improving ties with relatives specially, sisters, aunts etc. Number 5 indicates sisters as well.

VI of Swords;

Six of Swords. The image depicts a man rowing a boat. The boat has a woman and a kit as other occupants. In the front of the boat, there are six swords stuck to it. The water is calm and the shore is also visible far off. The picture shows that the man is trying to move away but swords stuck in the front exhibits that carrying routine, undertaking a family trip to a place never visited before. It is advisab

VII of Swords;

This Picture shows seven Swords

Seven of Sword. The image shows a man running without shoes and looking back, holding five swords in hands. Two swords are stuck to the ground. The background has some hills and temples etc. The color combination is also very good. The card shows a clever man who takes advantage of others. Running of man shows that he has cheated someone for his gain and carries guilt now. Swords indicate negative thoughts or emotions. Please enquire from the native about this situation. The card indicates that the man is intends to exploit any situation for his gain. Nevertheless, has conducive environment around but has such tendencies.

Native shall be advised to refrain from such acts as they bear fruits in the future.

VIII of Swords;

The image shows a women, blindfolded and chained loosely wearing a red color dress. Eight swords are stuck to the ground around her. Three on right and five on left.

Eight number denotes slow growth. The card indicates that self-imposed restrictions. The native has surrounded himself/herself with self-created problems and which can be resolved with open mind and by giving space to herself/himself. This card is related to uterus also and may have related problems. There is abundance of Red color so increase the Green color and advise them to propitiate Saturn. Also, advise to take precautions. Don’t be adventurous.

 IX of Swords;

The image shows a women positioned on the bed, holding her forehead with both hands. The bed looks nice, the cover sheet also has nice colors. On the wall, nine swords are hung. It is a negative card. It shows quarrels, disagreements, tensions, insomnia etc. There are multiple and nice colors in the picture which denotes positivity. So, the current time is tensed but the final outcome will be good. However, the native shall be stopped from going to depression. 

X of Swords; This picture shows Ten Of Swords

The image shows a  man lying on the ground face down and stabbed with ten swords on the back. Complete spine from top to bottom is stabbed. The background has black color in prominence, however, there are traces of yellow color as well. It is a negative card but with hope. This card has cheating, backstabbing, back pain and even murder also. Chances of positivity are due to number X which is for “Wheel of Fortune” and Yellow color. 

Advise the native to be cautious. Ask him not to sign any document without proper scrutiny. 

Court Cards

These cards are supported by another card called “Witness Card”.

Page of Swords;

A young man wearing nice dress, holding a sword upward is standing in the middle of nice place. He is surrounded by white clouds and there are hills in the background. A positive card. The card shows an immature, hurried and egoistic personality who jumps to conclusion very fast. Also, an energetic person with lots of ideas but carelessness also. These people starts multiple things at the same time and then don’t succeed in that due to lack of perseverance. At the end, they frustrate and burst with anger.

Knight of Swords;

A warrior holding a sword wearing all the war gears, riding a horse in a charging position. It is a positive card. The card is very energetic and dynamism. The native will achieve whatever desires so answer accordingly.

Queen of Swords;

The image shows the side pose of a queen sitting on the throne, holding a sword in commanding posture. There are white clouds in the background and a bird is visible in the sky. A positive card. This card shows dominance, authority, determination, ambitiousness, royalty. The negative side is on ego and isolation. Number 13 is of major changes. Advise the native to mix up with socially and try to understand persons. Try to engage with other emotionally and try to be very judgmental. Also, advise them to feed birds and animals.

King of Swords;

This Picture Shows King of Swords

The image shows a king sitting on the throne and holding the sword in the commanding posture. There are birds in the sky and clouds and trees as well in the background. A positive card. It has all qualities of “Queen of Swords” but more humble and less egoistic. There is more benevolence and empathy in this card, however, isolation is there.

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