The Suits of Wands

Picture Shows Minor Arcana Wands

Wands means stick. It is also referred to as Stick of Olive. Olive is a fruit of many beneficial qualities. The native will be materialistically well off, a merchant class and travelers. It represents the purest form of elements of fire which means transformation, name and fame as well as aggression. These native generally are generally dynamic but impatient and may call again and again on trivial issues. They want to achieve everything fast and if they don’t then risk slipping into depression.

 Element Fire

Time Period 2 to 3 weeks

Ace of wands:

Picture Shows Ace of wands

Ace means beginning. This card has a name mentioned at the bottom. The image shows a  hand coming out from clouds holding an Olive branch which has new leaves sprouting. On the ground, there is a river flowing and a line of mountains in the backdrop. A positive card which shows some new career opportunities on the way. Native shall be advised to lap it up.  Don’t be hasty in taking decisions but at the same time do not neglect the coming opportunities. This may also indicate fertility and pregnancy and long lasting illness will be cured if any.

II of Wands:

This card does not have a name but number II and we call it “II of Wands”. The image shows a man appearing as a merchant standing in his courtyard, holding a globe in one hand and looking outside. Outside view is beautiful. A positive card for all prospects but about health it is not good. Native may be already suffering from one and second is coming. As being related to the merchant class, This card represents endless possibilities, second chances, another source of income, partnerships and opportunities. Since the number is II, it will relate to Mother also. The card is good for all but not for health. The health issue may be related to mother also. Foreign travel is also indicated here.

Second Wands

III of wands

Just a number “III” mentioned and no name. It is called “III of Wands’ ‘. The picture shows a man with a back looking in the front alone. There are three sticks in the picture, two on the right side and on the left of the man. The man is shown standing in aloofness. He is wearing nice clothes and the color combination in the card is primarily Red and Yellow. It is a positive card, the result shall be in affirmation. However, they should be brought back in life as connected with aloofness. Money is sufficient in this card, the native shall be advised to do philanthropic work. This card is of leadership also

IV of wands:

This card shows a man and a woman wearing nice clothes, holding bouquets and dancing on the floor. There are some groups of people on the floor and a beautiful house in the backdrop.  The color combination is Yellow and Red. It is a positive card, a card of celebration. The query may be anything but the answer will invariably be “Yes”. 

Picture Shows Fourth Of wands

V of wands:

Five of wands. The picture shows five men, wearing nice but different clothes and holding sticks which are pointed upward. The color combination is primarily Yellow and Blue.It is a negative card. It shows disagreements, quarrels, ego clashes etc. The number V belongs to planet Mercury, a planet of speech. That indicates aggressive verbal behavior in this case particularly. The answer shall be in negative.

VI of wands:

Six of wands. The picture shows a man riding a horse holding a stick which has a garland tied at the top. There are some followers also. Man is wearing long shoes and a cloak. The color combination is primarily Red and Yellow. It is a positive card. The card indicates victory, accomplishment, transfers, promotions etc. Since the horse is still which means it is held on but ready to move anytime.

VII of wands:

Seven of wands. The picture shows a man trying hard to fix a stick on the ground. He himself is covered with sticks from all sides. The color combination is Red and Yellow. It is a negative card. It shows indecision, inability, frustration, fatigue etc. This card indicates that the native is not able to decide, toiling hard but results not as per expectations, surrounding himself with a host of problems, obstacles. The card indicates imprisonment as well. The native shall be advised to tackle the problem one by one.

VIII of wands:

Picture Shows Eight of wands

The card  shows seven sticks. In the backdrop, there is a house on the mountain and a steady stream of water is flowing. The color combination is Yellow and Blue. There is no picture of human being in this card. Neither a positive nor a negative card. Eight is the number of Saturn which is a very slow planet. The sticks have flowers which indicate growth. The card indicates a very slow movement, materialism and chances of growth.

IX of wands:

The card shows a distraught man standing and holding a stick, wearing almost good clothes. In the backdrop, there are nine sticks and behind that a mountain range. The color is primarily Red. It is a negative card. It indicates discontent, confusions, anger, aloofness etc. It shows action problems due to acts done in the past. The card shows failures and unhappiness. The native may be in trouble due to over expectations from others. In other words, he may have helped many in the past with money and other resources without giving due diligence to himself or herself or family. Good acts in the past are bearing fruits at this moment but the situation will change in the future. As you can see, he is holding a stick bearing flowers.

X Of wands:

The card shows a young man carrying 10 sticks altogether. In the backdrop, there are buildings and trees.It is a positive card. X indicates wheel of fortune. The man is holding sticks but moving towards properties. The card indicates the responsibilities, accountability, properties, work pressure etc.The native may be burdened with too many responsibilities. He or she may be the eldest child in the family who has been burdened with too much responsibilities in very early age. 

Court cards

  • Page of wands
  • Knight of wands
  • Queen of wands
  • King of wands

These cards need the support of another card which shall be called a “Witness Card”. When any of these cards come then you yourself will have to take out another card and then do the readings. The point to be noted here is that readings shall be done on the “Witness Card” out by the Tarot Card Reader.

Page of wands:

Picture Shows Page Of wands

The picture shows a royal man standing while holding a stick. The Red color is very prominent in this card. This card gives an important and exciting massage. Courage during action.  New completion, self-promotions, a message about employment and opportunity for new growth. It is a Positive card. It shows there will be good news or a person with an opportunity is coming your way. It shows that you are not mature enough and you have not set up your goals. In fact you are happy with what you have achieved but you should plan for your future. However, the native may be suffering from blood related problems. So this is general indication. Now the query shall be answered based on the “Witness Card”.

Knight of wands:

The image shows a young warrior riding a horse and holding a sword. The Red color is prominent here as well. It is a positive card. . The knight of wands represents a dynamic male energy. Creative energy and an important event related to entrepreneur, new ideas and experience of an important business trip, change of environment, confidence, movement, a journey and a new job. It shows that you are ready to expand your business and implement new ideas. It shows that you have decided your goal and you have courage to achieve it but you are not able to take the risk. Don’t underestimate yourself. You will be successful. It shows that something new is about to start in your life which will give you positive results and you should enjoy it.Due to prominence of Red color, there are also chances of blood related diseases.

Queen of wands:

The image shows a queen sitting confidently on the throne. There is black colored cat visiting in the front. It is a Positive card. The posture of the queen shows a positive and confident woman who stands on her own feet. She is strong and supportive. She is independent minded and doesn’t like to be told what to do. She likes to rule and acts accordingly and strives to be the center of attention. She has the fondness for the opposite sex. This is actually a positive card that shows a successful and a powerful personality. Such people do not forget their aims. They know what they want to achieve and constantly works towards it. This card says that you should continue your efforts.

King of wands:

Picture Shows Kings Of wands

The card shows a middle aged king sitting on his throne. A lizard is also visible near him. A royal natured man who has all resources and new ideas to implement. The lizard shows insatiable desires. It signifies that the person may not get satisfied. This card has these type of qualities as well. Due to these characteristics, the native has all material comforts but is always worried and hollow from inside. The spoken skills will be very good.

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