Past Life Regressions (PLR) - A Journey of Unkown


Past life regression has long fascinated humanity, intriguing individuals with the possibility of unlocking hidden memories from previous lifetimes. Rooted in the principles of reincarnation and spiritual beliefs, past life regression therapy aims to explore unresolved issues, phobias, and emotional traumas that may have their origins in previous lives. This article delves into the benefits of past life regression therapy, exploring its mechanics and the controversial debate surrounding its efficacy.

What is PLR & How Does it Work?

Past life regression is a therapeutic technique used to explore the depths of a person’s unconscious mind. It involves a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness, similar to hypnosis. During the regression session, a skilled practitioner guides the individual through memories and experiences that may date back to past lives. The idea is to access these memories to gain insights into the person’s present life struggles and discover patterns or unresolved issues that might have carried over from previous lifetimes.

How Consultations Work?

Entering the Altered State of Consciousness: The process of past life regression typically begins with inducing a state of deep relaxation. Practitioners may use various techniques like visualization, guided imagery, or deep breathing exercises to help the individual access a heightened state of consciousness.

Exploring Subconscious Memories: Once in the altered state, the individual is guided to recall memories, sensations, and emotions related to past life experiences. It is essential to differentiate between actual past-life memories and imagination or subconscious associations, which can be influenced by current beliefs and expectations.

Analysing and Interpreting Experiences: Experienced past life regression therapists skillfully analyze and interpret the individual’s experiences during the session. They help clients make sense of the memories, find connections to current life issues, and identify potential areas of healing and growth.

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