Explanation of Tarot Cards

Major Tarot Card Reader Represents Major Incidents of Life. 



Tarot Card Reader The Fool

The image shows a man, wearing colorful clothes, a cloth bundle tied to a wooden rod on the shoulder, walking carefree on the side of a water stream, with a dog on the side. Image of the Sun tells that it is a sunny day and the man is almost on the edge of the cliff. The number of this card is “0”.It is a traveler’s card and will yield positive results. This cloth bundle on the shoulder tells us that the person concerned has responsibilities which he feels but not taking them so seriously. The dog on the side of a well-wisher Running water indicates there are emotional ups and downs. colorful nature and the below that is a white top with full sleeves which shows the man is pure hearted. The number “0” indicates endless opportunities, potential. A positive card but on a cautious note, he should be advised to listen to his well –wisher

 The Magician

Tarot Cards The Magician

The image shows a magician, with the right arm raised up in the air with a candle in hand, sign of infinity on the head, wearing a red cloak and a mix of yellow and white top inside. The position of hands symbolizes the spiritual and material world as well. There is a table in the front and a Cup, Sword, Wand and Pentacle placed over it. There are flowers growing on the ground. The number of this card is “1”.Magician means a charismatic personality. The color of cloak shows aggression, dynamism and mix of yellow and white top inside indicates purity. The number “1” signifies leadership qualities. With so many qualities, one tends to develop ego and pride. The items on the table signifies five elements, Cup- Water, Sword-Air, Wand-Fire, Pentacle-Earth and the Card itself is a sky element as it is a major card. So we can say It is a positive card.

 The High Priestesst

The High priestess

The image shows a lady, a priestess sitting on a chair, bearing white colored cloak which has a sign of cross, covered with a green shawl and holding a scroll in hands. There is a crown on the head which has the image of the Moon. The moon image is on the feet also. On the backdrop, there are red colored fruits and two pillars on the side. The Right Pillar is Black and word “B” is embossed which denotes strength and on the Left is white and word “J” is embossed which signifies establishment. The number of this card is “II”. Priestess means religious, knowledgeable. It is a positive and non-active but an emotional card. This card expresses coolness, patience, knowledge and growth with a blend of positive and negative energies. The native shall be suggested to develop dynamism. He/she shall be advised to start doing some acts and don’t just keep waiting.

The Empress

The Empress tarot Reader

The image shows a young Empress wearing a long dress with images of pomegranates, Crown with 12 stars and a torch in hand sitting on the throne. There is a mark of Love (Venus) on it. Forest is shown in the background, a tiny steady stream is flowing through it. The foreground has growing grain. The color combination is Yellow, White, Red and Blue. The Number of this card is “III”. The card tells us about the suppressed sexual and other emotions. Also, suggest to love first oneself and then others. The person is of high taste, knowledgeable and a guiding figure to others but feeling lonely and hollow inside. He/She should be suggested to get connected with serene places and express hidden emotions with close confidants.

The Emperor

The Emperor Tarot Card

The image shows an Emperor with a long white beard, wearing a crown sitting on the throne, having a wand (ANKH) in one hand and Gold Coin (ORB) on the other.  The dress is an impressive, red color gown, covered with a little blackish shawl on top, and long shoes. The number of this card is IV. It is a very powerful card. It is a card of stability, fatherhood. The native is very experienced, diplomatic, aggressive and wealthy and does not disclose his secrets. The blackish shawl indicates that. It should be suggested not to disclose the plans and don’t narrate his own stories to others. Manipulations and diplomacy is required.

The Hierophant

The Hierophant

The image shows a preacher sitting on a high chair, bearing a crown of three layers, holding a wand with a mark of three stripes in one hand and the other hand in blessing sign. He is bearing a cloak of three colors – Red, White and Black. There are signs of Cross on this white band. In the front, two men are sitting and there is a pair of keys in the middle. There are strong pillars in the background. The number of this card is V. The suggestions should seek advice from more than one place. Also, advice to do meditation.

The Lovers

The Lovers

The image shows two naked lovers, white colored, peaceful clouds, fruits on the trees and angels giving blessings. There are mountains in the backdrop. The number of this card is “VI”. Naked lovers indicate love, openness and relaxation. The clouds are peaceful and white in color which means positive thoughts, fruit bearing trees indicate growth and Angle’s blessing means divine permission. The number “VI” is of Venus which is also a planet of Love, passion. It is suggested to avoid too much openness and expression.

The Chariot

The Chariot

The image shows a man, riding a chariot, wearing the dress of a warrior and crown on the head. The dress has two half-moon signs on the shoulders and holding a spear in the right hand. The roof of the chariot has a curtain with marks of stars all over. On the backdrop, images of buildings are shown. On the front part, a pair of wings is carved and two Sphinx of Black and White combination are sitting. The color combination is Yellow, Green, Red, Black and White. The number of this card is VII. It is a positive card with a lot of beautiful combinations but this native may not have peace. There is no need to take out another card if this card comes. This native has won all obstacles and control the life. It is suggested to practice “Tratak” Kriya for better results in life.


Strength Tarot Card

The images show a woman wearing white dress, crown on the head, the sign of infinity hovering over the head and taming a lion. Picture of mountains is on the backdrop. The color combinations Yellow, White, Red and Black. The number of this card is “VIII”. This card is also called “Shakti”. A pure but powerful lady taming a tiger, It is a positive card. There is no need to take out another card if this card comes. It is a Yes card and the answer shall be affirmative. The native shall be asked to adopt a pet.


Hermit Tarot Card Reader

 The image shows a man with white beard, dull cloak and stooped head, holding a lantern in one hand and a stick in the other. He is all alone and standing in a place covered with snow. There is an image of a tree at a distance. The color combination is black, white and Green. The number of this card is “IX”. The native may be very upset if this card comes. He is looking for support from other sources. The native shall be advised to use color Red in meals. The native shall also be advised to take help from his closed ones and refrain from giving unnecessary advice to others.

Wheel of Fortune

wheel of Fortune Tarot card

The image shows a wheel with eight divisions being held in space by a creature of horse head and human body. The clouds are peaceful, creatures with wings are floating around with books in their hands. A Sphinx is sitting on the top of the wheel, holding a sword and an image of a snake on the side. The color combination is of Green, White, Red, White, Yellow, Black and White. The number of this card is “X”.


Remember cards prediction is depends upon tarot readers connection to the cards and intuitions

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